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What is Forever Texan?

Forever Texan originally was started as a clothing brand to show off our love for Texas! We have developed into a Brand that also has a mission to give back to other Texans in need. Forever Texan can be called a "T-shirt" company, "Clothing Brand", "Lifestyle Brand", etc. Most of all we are here to  become a symbol of  what Texans stand for and the pride we carry when talking about where we are from. A reminder when no matter where you are on Earth you will always be Forever Texan.

We use our platform to find opportunities to give back to the Texas Community. Our most recent partnership is with "One Hope for Kids" located in South Texas, operating out of Bexar County. 1 Hope is the largest foster and adoption agency in Bexar County. Their mission is to provide hope for Texan kids in crisis. When you give to 1 HOPE, you can be providing a welcome meal or care package for a foster family, diapers & wipes, school supplies, tutoring, and more for a foster child in care. When you make any purchase from we automatically give 15% to 1 Hope in order to make sure we are focusing on the future of Texas. We have to take a macro perspective and realize not only do we need to build for the now but we also must pave a path for the future Texans.

We also extended our mission to giving back to other Texas non profits/charities like the San Antonio Food Bank, Earth Share of Texas, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, Pug Rescue of Austin, and UTSA! The different designs of our logo on our homepage each have one of these non profits attached to a specific design, so when you hover over a design you will see what cause that it will contribute to. 

At the end of the day Forever Texan is not here to just sell you a T-shirt or to go viral and be one of the cool brands. We just want to spread our love for the Greatest State to ever do it and share that love with other Texans. A reminder of home, a symbolism of pride, a glimpse of an amazing community who can come together at any moment... We are Forever Texan!

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